2022 Dunk Tank List

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In the Dunk Tank

  • Fidel Maltez, Town Manager
  • Dr. Thomas Milaschewski, Superintendent of Schools
  • Kevin Tracey, Reading Memorial High School Principal
  • Kadi Buckley, Reading Memorial High School Assistant Principal
  • Rochelle Rubino, Parker Middle School Principal
  • Jay Peledge, Parker Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Carlo Bacci, Select Board
  • Mark Dockser, Select Board
  • Chris Haley, Select Board
  • Jackie McCarthy, Select Board
  • Tom Wise, School Committee

Collecting Money and Softballs

  • Carla Nazzaro, School Committee
  • Jess Theriault, Assistant Principal, Reading Memorial High School
  • Jessica Callanan, Director of Academic Achievement RMHS

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